Senior Design/Capstone Projects AY 2021-2022

School Sponsor Project Title Engineering Department Faculty Advisor
UConn DIVE Low-Logistics Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Transport and Deployment System ME Reza Sheikhi
UConn NUWC Electromagnetic Expulsion of Cylindrical Body ME Alexie Poludnenko
UConn NUWC Hydraulic Pressure Analysis for Linkage Degradation Detection ME Ryan Cooper
UConn NUWC Optimal Design of Towed Underwater Vehicles ME Jiong Tang
UConn NIUVT Simulating Lithium-Ion Battery Calendaring ME Tianfeng Lu
UConn NUWC Contactless Underwater Discharge/Recharge Of A Vehicle Battery ECE Sung-Yeul Park
UConn NUWC Electromagnetic Expulsion Of A Cylindrical Body From An Outer Tube ECE Abhishek Dutta