About Us

In 2017, the University of Connecticut (UConn) and the University of Rhode Island (URI) received a grant from the Office of Naval Research to create a community of students, faculty, and government and industry leaders who will strive to expand the Navy science and technology workforce in the region. The program is now funded through a Department of Defense, National Defense Education Program (NDEP), grant as of 2021; however, our goals remain the same. Rhode Island and Connecticut represent a critical region for the U.S. Navy. The region is home to the Naval Submarine Base – New London, Naval Undersea Warfare Center, General Dynamics – Electric Boat, Raytheon, as well as over 600 naval supply chain companies. With the expected growth in submarine production, there is a strong demand for engineering workforce in the region.  Our program leads to new opportunities for engineering undergraduates considering Navy-related careers, encourages more students to consider engineering programs in naval science & technology fields and addresses the increasing demand for STEM workforce in the region.


The mission of the Navy STEM Program at UConn/URI is to create a regional community of naval stakeholders from academia, industry and federal and state agencies focused on STEM workforce development to support the regional and national Navy enterprise.

Program Goals

  • Provide engineering students with naval-relevant course content throughout their undergraduate program
  • Engage naval industry and government professionals to actively participate in the Navy STEM program
  • Contribute to K-12 STEM outreach activities in the region
  • Implement a capstone design program with industry and government sponsors to provide students with real world experience
  • Provide naval-relevant research opportunities to encourage students to pursue advanced degrees
  • Create a tightly focused recruiting environment for students and employers