The Naval Science & Technology Undergraduate Concentration

URI Navy STEM MCE Team: Devon Duggan, Matt Kirslis, Sam Noymer, Rachael Lenher

The academic concentration in Naval Science & Technology is open to undergraduate students (Freshmen & Sophomores) majoring in ME, EE, MEM and MSE. Students enrolled in the concentration will join the newly formed Navy STEM Crew and will participate in a variety of special activities, including seminars, internship and career recruiting events, field trips and the annual Navy STEM Discovery Day event. The concentration is designed to expose students to engineering concepts and topics of importance to the Navy and industries that support naval engineering. It is focused on facilitating interactions between students and naval engineering professionals as well as hands-on and experiential activities related to senior design projects or independent study projects that have naval engineering connections.

To complete this concentration, students must:

  1. Be majoring in Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or Management and Engineering for Manufacturing.
  2. Complete 9 credits of Naval Engineering Coursework topics, distributed as follows:
    1. At least three credits of ENGR 3109 – Naval STEM Professional Development Seminar
    2. Five to six credits of elective coursework (depending upon discipline) selected from the following courses:
      • Mechanical Engineering (6 credits required)
        ME 4972, ME 4973W, ME 3279, ME 3299
      • Materials Science and Engineering (6 credits required)
        MSE 4901W, MSE 4902W, MSE 4095, MSE 4989
      • Electrical Engineering (5 credits if using Senior Design, 6 credits otherwise)
        ECE 4901, ECE 4902E, ECE 4095, ECE 4099, ECE 4099W
      • Management and Engineering for Manufacturing: (6 credits required)
        MEM 4971W, MEM 4972W, MEM 3295, MEM 3299, MEM 4289
  3. Students electing to complete the concentration must do so in their primary major, and as such select elective coursework from their primary discipline.
  4. Students electing to use their Senior Design course sequence must have their project topic approved by both their departmental senior design coordinator and either the director of the Navy STEM Program or the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education.
  5. Students electing to use Special Topics courses or Independent Study/Research courses must have the course or research topic approved by both their department and either the director of the Navy STEM Program or the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education.
  6. Other courses relevant to naval engineering may be considered for the concentration by petition to the director of the Navy STEM Program or the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education.
  7. Students may not apply courses used in this concentration to fulfill requirements for other concentrations or minors.

Students interested in pursuing the Naval Science & Technology Concentration should discuss this with their academic advisor


To declare the concentration, students must:

Submit a School of Engineering Academic Change Request Form, located at https://request.engr.uconn.edu. To access the application, you must click on the Login button on the right side of the page. After you Login, you will be sent directly to the application. A sample application can be found here

If you have any questions, please contact Bryce Aaronson at bryce.aaronson@uconn.edu.